“Get the hell out of Magalluf” is the slogan for a public protest march against the presence of violent prostitutes in the resort on Sunday, 8 June.

Palma.—This year,  the threat posed by muggers  masquerading as prostitutes in Magalluf is worse than ever, according to business people and residents in the resort, and  a protest march is going to take place through the resort on Sunday, 8 June at 5pm starting at Manos bar.
Similar protests were staged in 2009, when a British holiday maker was seriously injured after being assaulted by a gang of prostitutes in an underground car park, and 2011 when local taxi drivers took to the streets calling for action to be taken against the muggers.
This year, and the season has only just begun, business people and residents in Magalluf maintain that the problem is worse than ever and that these so-called prostitutes pose a serious threat to society as a whole - not just holiday makers, but residents and their families.
Apart from the protest, there are also calls being made for a public petition to be set up in order to pressurise the authorities into taking more effective action.