The couple lost their engagement ring but a major community effort has brought a smile back to their faces


By Francisco Cortez

Palma.—Mission accomplished. Laura Jones and Nick Moore, the British couple on holiday here in Majorca who lost their engagement ring in Puerto Pollensa earlier this week, have got it back, and many thanks  to  the efforts of Britain’s local expatriate community.
The couple was left devastated when, after spending an afternoon on the beach with her younger siblings, Laura returned to her holiday villa to find out that her platinum- adorned diamond ring had gone missing.
In what was initially shaping up to be a dream family holiday, suddenly it quickly turned into hell.
Laura and Nick spent hours talking with the police, posting calls for help on internet forums trying to find someone with a metal detector and their message quickly reached Facebook, which was to prove decisive. On Thursday night around 8pm, Laura received a call from a local shop owner who saw the posts on Facebook and heard the news via the radio.