Palma.—The summer season is underway but John and Lea, the parents of 19-year-old Tom Ousby who fell nine floors to his death at the Hotel Atlantic on 1 August last year, are certainly not thinking about a summer holiday.
All they care about right now, and have done for the past nine months, is solving the mystery of the death of their  model son in Magalluf.
Knowing that many of Tom’s friends and fellow resort workers will have returned to the resort this summer, Lea contacted the Bulletin this week to make a plea for any one who still has information to come forward.

Attorney General
Over the past few weeks, Lea and John have held talks with their local MP and the Attorney General, Diominic Grieve and he has apparently welcomed the family’s call for an investigation to be opened by the Metropolitan Police.
“We’ve spoken to Scotland Yard and it is looking much more encouraging that last year, but we do have a plan b and that is the National Crime Agency which has already expressed its interest in picking up the case.