The Local Police in action enforcing the Good Citizens Plan yesterday in the Playa de Palma. | Alejandro Sepulveda Soler

Palma’s Local Police were yesterday ordered to start enforcing the Good Citizens Plan in the Playa de Palma.

Palma.—The council gave the order in response to a wave of complaints from local residents, businesses and the tourist sector about  anti-social behaviour on the beach and that the Good Citizen Law was not being properly enforced.
A total of 64 Local Police flooded the resort for two hours.
Ten people were fined  a total of 250 euros for anti-social behaviour, in particular drinking in the street or from glass bottles on the beach.
The three main targets of the police yesterday were glass bottles on the beach, loud music and drinking in public.
170 glass bottles were confiscated on the beach, 23 pairs of glasses were seized from illegal street traders as were ten buckets of alcohol and, from now on, police will be keeping a close eye on behaviour on the beach.