CALVIA Council, and quite rightly,  has received praise at home and abroad for having finally taken steps to install some law and order in Magalluf.
Two bars are facing heavy fines and even closure, just as  British tour operators, local residents and the opposition Socialist Party called for.
But, as the Sunday Mirror revealed over the weekend, the outrageous antics continue in the resort.
Calvia Council sources assured the Bulletin yesterday that it is aware of the latest newspaper reports and is taking action, but also pointed out that it took the council “several weeks” to take  action  recently because of  the  lengthy administrational process involved.
However, the delay in taking fresh action appears to be laying the grounds for a bar war in Magalluf.
Those who have been sanctioned are  confused and frustrated about the fact  that no action appears to have  been taken against  other bars offering sex and booze entertainment and are calling for a level playing field.
They want the council to apply the same sanctions to everyone should the local authority consider that municipal laws are being broken or infringed -  that, the Bulletin has been told -  would be considered fair.
The police are aware of the latest revelations but we will have to wait and see if they have opened an investigation.