PROMOTING Majorca as a tourist destination not only costs money but also requires a certain amount of brains.

Of late, there has been much talk about the island’s potential as an adventure sports and sports training destination.

The potential is huge. Some of the world’s best cyclists, not to mention Sky’s Tour de France winning cycling teams, train on the island as do many of the British cyclists who recently won medals in Glasgow.

Medal winning British and Commonwealth swimmers regularly train on the island as does the British diving team, along with squads from all over the world.

In fact, a good number of athletes who competed in the Commonwealth Games would at some point have trained here on the island, so why was not Majorca in Glasgow to alert people to the fact that the island is becoming an extremely popular training destination.
Travelling teams invest a great deal of money, they need to hire their facilities, book accommodation and transport and require special diets and all that has to be sourced locally.

What is more, having international sports teams, be they the elite or clubs, training here in Majorca is both healthy for them and the island’s image.

Shame nobody thought of broadcasting that fact to the world in Glasgow. It was the perfect platform.