Police forces in action. | EFE TV - HALLAN MUERTA A UNA MUJ


Palma.—Agents from the national police arrested yesterday in the early hours of the morning, six “expert” burglars operating in Majorca.
The perpetrators, all of Spanish nationality, were caught just moments after breaking into a property agency, as  they headed back to a near by apartment they normally used as a “safety location”.
The group is known for their expertise in “butroning”, a technique used by burglars to break down  walls, although they have also used special material in the past to remove door locks.
A police spokesperson said yesterday that after looking at the evidence, this group could well be the same one that broke into a jewellry shop in Coll d’en Rabassa last May, stealing 400,000 euros worth of material.
Police also searched the apartment used by the group, where they found radio equipment, pneumatic drills, crowbars, wire cutters, extractors and frequency metres.
A safe box yet to be opened and 10,000 euros in cash were also found apprehended by the authorities, who suspect could be the spoils of a recent robbery.