More police patrols are going to be on the beat until the early hours. | Vasil Vasilev


Palma.— There are growing concerns among restaurant owners in Palma’s La Lonja  with the number of illegal street vendors selling their products in the area.
More than just selling, owners are worried with the number of robberies and physical aggressions that have taken place in La Lonja recently and they blame the street traders.
Alfonso Robledo, president of the restaurant association voiced their concerns yesterday and called for more police patrols to be sent to the area.
“When the police arrive, many of them (the street traders)  run in a panic, trampling tourists, throwing them on the floor and even getting involved with local waiters and waitresses if they get in the way.” Robledo added that up to 70 illegal street traders can gather in the area, which is affecting the trade of local businesses.