Every morning I rise to the gentle buzz of the blowers the street cleaners use to fire all the rubbish and leaves off pavements and out of gutters for a following humming little truck to hoover up. So why is it that when I leave my apartment block in the very centre of the capital, are the streets still filthy, and that is first thing in the morning?

Over the past few weeks the municipal refuse company has apparently been working on a clandestine go slow in the suburbs with mountains of rubbish uncollected for days - at least the all out strike was averted.

But, for those, in particular visitors, strolling around the city in their flip flops, I wouldn’t look up and admire the architecture for too long because they are going to step in something that was not marked on their tourist map or their App.

Perhaps someone should develop an App which will pin point where a dog has left a surprise parcel, or a human has dropped an ice cream, dumped some fast food or spat out some chewing gum and then alert the owner of the smart phone to take evasive action.
Alternatively, perhaps Palma City Council would like to ensure that EMAYA cleans up its act and the city, especially as the council is looking to transform itself into an all year tourist destination, while also tackling the growing problem of beggars. Within a radius of 500 metres of my flat I have four all just off Jaime III.

It would also make life more pleasant for residents.