Palma.—Rain, strong winds, storms and high temperatures. That is the weather prediction for the bank holiday weekend in the Balearics.
According to a weather report produced yesterday by the Balearic met. office, Catalonia and Levante are the areas of the country which will be most exposed to the possibility of rain and storms starting from today.
Things will take a turn for the worst on Saturday, with the possibility of downpours and storms set to worsen as the day advances.
Sunday will see a slight improvement, with thermometers set to go up while clear skies are also expected , except in the Cantabria region and the north of the Canary Islands.
 By the beginning of the new week, the poor weather is set to return with rain and storms in the Pyrenees, Cantabria and some parts of the peninsula.
In the Balearics, weather authorities are not expecting much change from Sunday to Monday apart from the appearance of some low clouds in the sky and another rise in the temperature levels.