Ramon Reus Llobera has welcomed the fact that the law will now control the car hire sector.


As controversial and confusing as the new clauses to the Tourism Law have been, there is some good news for those renting vehicles in the region.

Palma.—The season kicked off with one major issue which was the topic of scores of letters to the Bulletin and that was rip off  by car rental agencies.
The President of the Balearics Association of Car Hire Agencies, Ramon Reus Llobera, contacted the Bulletin to explain just how serious the situation is and that the ‘big three’ rogue rental companies were not only “conning holiday makers and ripping them off, they are also seriously damaging the image of the Balearics.
“Llobera described the industry as a “one with no laws” and that he, on behalf of hundreds  of  independent local car rental agencies, as well as some of the multi nationals such as Hertz, who have also been hit by unfair and illegal competition, andhad been in talks with the Balearic Minister for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, for the car hire industry to be included in the Tourism Law and therefore  to install some law and order and fair trading in the sector.

Rogue rental agencies
In the meantime,  as the industry has until 15 September to study the new clauses and lodge objection or suggestions, Llobera said yesterday that he is pleased that the car rental sector has finally been included in the Tourism Law and that it will be able to auto regulate itself and eventually, root out the rogue rental agencies.
“As I’ve said before, these companies, and they are mainly from the mainland are offering car hire from five euros a day on line, but  it’s a lie, it’s false advertising.