The week began with everyone  either confused or laughing, or both, over the new regulations being proposed to regulate holiday lets, in particular having to  ask your neighbour’s permission.
However, after the Minister for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, jumped the gun by  leaking the information too early and poorly, come mid week, he decided to face the press, and the music, and clear the situation up.
Re property rentals, not much has changed, the government just wants it regulated so that owners pay their taxes on revenue earned from renting out their properties - but this topic is going to run until the white paper is finally approved.
The good news is that the car rental sector is now going to be  brought under the umbrella of the Tourism Law which will mean an end to the pirate hire car companies which have been ripping people off left, right and centre.
Judging by the comments on the Bulletin Facebook page, everyone is happy, although nightmare stories of how people have been conned are still being posted as these thieves continue fleecing innocent clients and damaging the Balearics’ image.
However, the final draft of the Tourism Law is due to be approved in the autumn and that will  give the car hire sector plenty of time to regulate itself and bring these rogue outfits into line before next season, but please, always read the small print!