Spain still top for Britons looking to retire abroad. | ULTIMA HORA


One in six adults hope to leave the United Kingdom and spend their retirement abroad - with Spain the most popular destination, a survey reveals.
Nearly 6,4million people out of 38,8million who are aged over 18 but not yet retired plan to live overseas when they are drawing their pension.
Roughly half of them still want to make their home in Europe, but the rest are keen to settle even further afield in the United States, Australia or Canada.
Spain is easily the favourite retirement hotspot for Britons, with some 13 per cent of those surveyed hoping to grow old in the sunny holiday destination, according to research from retirement income specialist MGM Advantage.
France was second favourite, picked by nine  per cent of those asked, while the US came in third, named by eight  per cent, and Australia fourth, selected by seven per cent.