Olive trees are an artist's dream.


By Doctor George Giri

In Mancor de la Vall we have had a week in which weather forecasts, in various newspapers, have had nothing to do with what we experienced. This made dressing and deciding what to do for the day very difficult. Villages and their various fiestas just had to get on with it. Staying with our swimming pool on Friday was the best option on a public holiday. The restaurant there was packed, as it was the day before, which is the normal day of the market in Inca.

It is usual for olives to be served before the first course when having a meal. In the areas of the Tramuntana, olive trees have been normal for ever. They last for as long as a thousand years as they are immune to all local predators. Natural growth and weather makes the old trees have remarkable shapes. An artists paradise.

Olive oil has recently been accorded the special title of ‘Virgin Extra de Mallorca’ a little more expensive perhaps but its flavour is unique. The manufacturer is in Caimari our next door village. It has now been decided to add the production of olives to the superior title by a group of 50 olive producers, from local trees, in a total of 263 hectares. They collect 19.5 tons of green olives and 5.3 tons of black ones, by hand between September and Februray. This is little by comparison with the 3,000 tons eaten here per year, but consumers will at least know that it is local produce. It may cost a little more.

The gathering of grapes is now in full swing in the areas of Binisalem, they are very happy because they expect a 75% increase in red ones and 25% in white this year. If the weather and the amount of rain does appear to fit this calculation, may we refer to previous explanation. The vine growing area in Majorca, due to the geological arrival of the islands, means that the earth at the bottom of the Tramuntana is very deep. Vines have the deepest roots (if necessary) of pretty well all plants. They may go down hundreds of feet. Thus they have managed to produce wine in deserts etc in the beginnings of history. The roots will find water.

In finishing agricultural comment, it was interesting to see that the airport provides five and a half million meals a year to aeroplanes departing from Majorca... one can only hope that the food is local produce.

By tradition Can Picafort has always had its fiesta at this time of the year with ducks being swept ashore. It was considered an unnecessary killing and harming of the birds.
Therefore now they have rubber ducks. They are more amusing to children... and if they catch the right ones they are awarded prizes. At least that seems the right way to change history.

With anti-bullfighters demonstrating around the island, regardless of why evolution gave them horns, Manacor seems to have escaped the torment. The Nadal International Tennis arrangements; almost like a small Wimbeldon, in the town of his birth. This is a super alternative.