By Gerry Mulligan

I am very pleased to report that the Guardia Civil has been mounting very successful combined operations throughout the Balearics in an effort to reduce the overall crime rate and make it safer for us all.

Villafranca – Theft

THE Guardia Civil arrested a 33-year-old male on suspicion of the theft of diesel fuel from farms in the area of Villafranca. He had been found to have made two thefts of fuel and also the theft of a battery in Palma, all of which was valued at €1170.

Operations for a Safe Summer and Tourism 2014

SPECIALLY coordinated operations have been instituted this summer throughout the Balearics by the Guardia Civil to ensure the safety of tourists and residents. A total of 55 premises were inspected over a period of 3 days, all of which were suspected to be areas for drug consumption or dealing. In total, 10 people were arrested for drug trafficking; 4 in Ibiza, 1 in Formentera, 1 in Minorca and 4 in Majorca. Additionally, 121 people were reported for possession or use of illegal drugs. Four people were arrested for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and 52 also reported for the same offence, all of whom were caught at 32 separate check points. In all 2,755 drivers were checked for alcohol.

Calvia – Guardia Civil and Local Police in combined operations

OVER a 72 hour period, a combined police operation was effected in Palmanova, Magalluf, Santa Ponsa and Punta Ballena, against illegal hawking activities in beach areas and also anomalies in entertainment sites. During the operation, 28 illegal vendors were caught; 21 for breach of the rules relating to licensing, 29 for contraventions of operating conditions, 3 for marketing prohibited weapons, 10 for the sale of perishable goods, 5 for practising massages without a licence, and 18 for the sale of beverages without a licence. Additionally, as a result of some of these investigations, 3 restaurants were closed immediately for not complying with local health regulations. Over 3,647 counterfeit items were confiscated, which were valued in excess of €200,000. It should be noted that as a result of these clean up operations a total of 13 Nigerian citizens have been imprisoned for crimes in the area.

Cala Bona – Forgery

OBSERVANT Civil Guard agents noticed the registration identifications for 4 jet skis were supposedly fabricated in 2005 and 2006. However, the vehicles looked so new that a further inspection was made and it was discovered that the documentation had been forged. The vehicles were seized whilst the judicial process continues.

Sant Antoni – Combined Police Operations

THE Civil Guard and local police in Sant Antoni conducted a joint police operation on the beaches of the municipality in accordance with the general crackdown taking place throughout the Balearics. Within 20 minutes 22 arrests were effected on the beaches in the area. Initially, plain clothed agents spotted 2 people of Moroccan origin stealing valuables from bathers. Simultaneously, another group of agents arrested a further 13 people for violations of city ordinances and removed several illegal food stalls and make shift bars, which had been positioned on the beach. Some of the contraventions were related to the handling of unrefrigerated foodstuffs such as salads, cakes, water melon and meat pies without the appropriate hygiene equipment.

Cala Tuen (Escorca) and Soller - Robbery

THREE Spanish males aged between 21 and 52 were arrested on suspicion of carrying out several robberies in Cala Tuent (Escorca), and Soller. A search of their abodes revealed objects, which had been previously reported stolen in the robberies that included; two televisions, a wooden stove, a refrigerator, a generator, two chainsaws and various tools. Additionally, one of the suspects was also charged with drug trafficking and possessing almost 6 kg of marijuana, a precision scale and several bags ready for preparing doses. Consequently, a point of sale for marijuana in the town of Soller has been removed.


IT is very comforting to read of the combined Guardia Civil and Local Police operations taking place throughout the Balearics, which are reaping such positive results. Hopefully, these operations will be a salutary warning to the criminal element. Nevertheless, these reports should encourage you to be more alert so you do not end up being a victim. Take a quick look round your locale. Remember if it does not look right it usually isn’t.