The Local Police have confiscated over 500 alcohol party buckets along the Playa de Palma and will continue to do so. Photo: Alejandro Sepulveda | Alejandro Sepulveda Soler


Palma City Council has come under fierce criticism of late over its new Good Citizens Law, it even faces legal action, but City Hall claims it is working.In an attempt to quash the mounting opposition to the new law from Palma Resident Associations and opposition parties, the Councillor for Tourism, Alvaro Gijon, yesterday announced that since the Good Citizens Law was introduced along the Playa de Palma, the only area where the law applies for the moment, behaviour has apparently improved and complaints from residents fallen.
To start with, he said that  the practice of the  ‘botellon’ street parties and drinking alcohol on the beach in the streets has, fallen significantly as a result of the regular police patrols and on the spot fines.
The law has only been in force along the Playa de Palma for two months, but Gijon said that in the second month, a noticeable improvement in civil behaviour in the resort has been witnessed.