By Francisco Cortez

Balearics have the most expensive moorings in the Mediterranean this month, the Nautical and Sports Installations Association revealed yesterday.The lack of mooring spaces for large vessels (over 30 metres) means that once again, some yacht clubs in the area, mainly in Ibiza and Formetera are the most expensive in the Mediterranean. Prices can reach 1,700 euros in Ibiza and 1300 in Formentera, slightly higher than the Balearics’s main competitors, apart from Monaco.
The Balearic region is quickly becoming a reference point in terms of luxury yachts, which according to the Association is part of the reason prices have gone up again this year.
“Prices are established according to the demand. Right now there is a lot of demand so it’s natural prices go up,” the association explained.
“The rate of growth in the luxury yacht  business is unstoppable right now."