Palma.—The Guardia Civil have approached the British police again in an attempt to secure support from the British police force in Magalluf next summer season.

The idea was first mentioned when the new British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, made his inaugural visit to the Balearics earlier this summer.

At the time, the Ambassador said that he thought is was a good idea but told Guardia Civil chiefs that it was his remit and they would have to raise the issue with the British police.

Under a European agreement, German and French police have been deployed to Majorca this summer to assist and support local security forces in Calvia, Alcudia and Arta.

They have helped over come language problems and also made fellow countrymen feel more comfortable in the event of being a victim of a crime or more cooperative if caught committing a crime.

But, the UK and Spain does not have the same agreement.

The two countries do regularly cooperate in joint operations against crime, specifically arresting wanted criminals on the run either in Spain or the UK, but when it comes to having ‘bobbies on the beat’ in Magalluf, it will apparently be complicated to secure. However, the Guardia Civil intend to push ahead with their proposal because, based on this summer’s experience with the French and German police, having British police on the island will make a great deal of difference. Many business people in Magalluf have said one of the biggest problems is communication between holiday makers and the security forces.