August proved a roller coaster month for unemployment. Year on year it is down again the Balearics, but compared to last month, it has risen.

Palma.—Figures released yesterday by the Ministry for Employment and Social Security show that, in comparison to August last year, the number of people as officially registered as out of work in the region fell by 7,118 - 10.24 percent leaving the total number of registered unemployed at 62,382.
But, the conundrum for the local authorities and the unions is that, month on month, the rate of unemployment in the Balearics rose marginally by 0.42 percent.
That means that, during the very peak of the region’s summer season, 259 people lost their jobs and most of those in the service sector.
And, the trend appears to have been a national one.
A total of 8,070 people joined Spain’s jobless queues in August, the first rise in unemployment after six months of improvement.
The rise means there were 4,427,930 Spaniards registered as looking for work at the country’s unemployment offices the end of August, the figures from Spain’s employment ministry show.
The number of people signed on to the country’s social security system fell by 97,582 to 16,649,521, the figures reveal.