The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, said yesterday that a great deal of work has been done to get a grip on Magalluf next summer.

Palma.—Speaking after the weekly parliamentary session, Martinez, revealed that over the past few months, a great deal of work has been carried out to resolve Magalluf’s problems “in the short to long term.”
In response to the highly publicised antics, such as the sex for alcohol games, mass pub crawls and a general lack of security in the resort this summer, the Balearic government ordered the Balearic Tourism Commission to get to work on analysing the problems in Magalluf and finding solutions.
According to Martinez the commission has already drawn up a number of measures which are going to be introduced next summer and will continue working throughout the winter with the aim of improving the resort’s image.
Martinez pointed out that certain action was  taken this summer to curtail some of the anti-social behaviour but he underlined that much more is going to be taken next summer.
What is more, the commission has brought all the relevant  authorities and administrations  together to tackle the problems in Magalluf.


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