By Francisco Cortez

Spain’s governing Partido Popular yesterday vowed to sanction the party’s  Balearic Senators who this week voted in favour of a motion against oil and gas  prospecting in the region.

Palma.—The reason being is  that the motion was tabled by the opposition  Socialist party.
All  Senators of the party in government voted against the motion but senior party members were furious three of their own voted in favour, prompting Jose Manuel Soria, the Minister for  Tourism and Industry to warn them that  their actions will not escape a sanction.
“All senators of the PP voted, as it was their duty, according to the party’s line, which is the current position of central government.
“If three of our own failed to do so, then the party must take action, because this is something that is previously agreed,” Soria said. “The most important thing is that the vast majority, over 99 percent, voted according to  central government’s  line. What  is not normal is for a member of the PP to side with the Socialists and vice versa.”
The Partido Popular is widely known to have a very strict policy when it comes to dissidents and Soria assured “this abnormal situation” will not be tolerated.
“A Senator is selected by its party and as such is expected to stand by and defend its party.


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