By Jason Moore

AN expat Christmas in Majorca is too easy these days.  You walk into any local supermarket and you will find a wide variety of British food products, British butchers on the island can supply you with a turkey and all the trimmings, and Christmas crackers are readily available. We have the best of British television. Majorca in 2014 is home from home. I spent my first Christmas in Majorca in 1975 and it was certainly very different. There were few British products on sale, no crackers, no British television and few trimmings. But what I remember from those days is that there was a strong community spirit amongst the expatriate community. Bisto was shared, Stilton was carefully distributed to all the English-speaking families in our village by someone who had just returned from Britain and a Christmas pudding was worth its weight in gold. Obviously it was a fun time and the absence of British television was not really a problem. The only thing that I didn´t like as a child in Majorca was the weather, it was too hot! Many things have changed on the island since I was a child, Iwouldn´t say that there is as much community spirit as before and more expats return to Britain for Christmas eventhough these days Majorca is home-from-home. But there are many things which haven´t changed since 1975 which is what makes the island so special. We are exceptionally lucky to live on this island and I would like to propose a Christmas toast to Majorca, a wonderful island which has everything that you want, whatever the season. So happy Christmas Majorca and thank you.


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