The Majorcan students were invited for tea and a tour of the official residence by David Grey MBE.

Last month a group of students from Sant Josep Obrer School in Palma were invited to afternoon tea by the MasterCutler of Sheffield.The Master Cutler is the head of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire established in 1624.
Their role is to act as an ambassador of industry in Sheffield.
And, the current Master, David Grey MBE, decided to mark ten years of language exchanges between San Josep Obrero school and three prestigious local colleges in Sheffield, Birkdale, Sheffield High and King Edward VII, he would invite a group of Majorcan students to his official residence for a tour and traditional British afternoon tea.
The Master Cutler is elected by the freemen of the company on the first Monday of September of each year and the position taken in the first Tuesday of October.