The Balearics led the Spanish  recreational nautical market last year but the industry still feels that there are too many rules and regulations.

Palma.—The industry, as the Bulletin has reported, has welcomed the scrapping of the matriculation tax and the easing of day rate taxes but, according to the Association of Balearic Nautical Businesses (Aenib), the sector is still having to overcome too much red tape.
On Thursday evening, AENIB President, Margarita Dahlberg, addressing the association’s general assembly,  said that, despite the breakthroughs the industry has made over the past few years, “we’re not sailing as fast as we can”.
“We’re still pressurising the authorities to lift all the hurdles  and shackles which are preventing  us  from having a harmonised legal and fiscal system,” she said.
“Unless the authorities lift the heavy fiscal burdens we have to carry, we will not be able to provide the quality service we are more than capable of offering  and the industry is becoming  more crowded and more competitive with new destinations opening up in the Mediterranean with the authorities doing everything they can to make life as easy as possible for the nautical industries so they flourish,” she said.