The abandoned building which collapsed yesterday morning. | j.s.


Manacor Council engineers and fire fighters spent most of yesterday inspecting the shell of an abandoned building which  collapsed earlier in the day.
The incident occurred at 10.35am in calle Fabrica when the interior of the three storey building came crashing down.
Fortunately, the  property was abandoned and no body was injured in the act, according to the 112 emergency centre  and the fire brigade.
The big question yesterday was what caused the interior of the building to collapse like a pack of cards and  full investigations by the council and the fire services  have been opened.
As a precaution the road was closed off while engineers and fire fighters made sure what was left standing of  the  building was  safe but sources close to the operation said that the rest of the property may have to be demolished for safety reasons.
Neighbours were briefly evacuated until the emergency services had the situation under control and the local authorities were also searching for the owner of the property yesterday.