Last year, 100 bars and restaurants closed in the capital, adding to concerns over whether the region has climbed out of the  recession or not.Over the past 18 months, certain areas of Palma such as the Paseo Mallorca, Calle Blanquerna and Calle Farbica in Santa Catalina have blossomed into the new ‘foody’ zones of  Palma, but it would appear that elsewhere, business continues to be rather slow.
There are currently 2,119  bars and restaurants in Palma with as many opening  as fast as others are closing.
However, those that are open,  in particular the bars, have made the most of the easing of the rules and regulations controlling terraces and the number of establishments with  terraces has increased significantly, although they are smaller than in previous years which means that the council , for the past fiscal year, has collected less terrace tax.
 Those restaurants which have withered the economic storm are, nevertheless, looking  forward to the coming tourist season which is going to start earlier than usual with Easter falling at the beginning of April. The domestic market has picked up with consumers appearing to have slightly more consumer confidence but that is apparently only leading to restaurants being full on weekends with bookings, in many cases, obligatory.