The Guardia Civil exhibited the confiscated items yesterday.


Palma.—There appears to have been a dramatic sea change in the Majorcan narcotics scene.
Operation Forana, which was mounted in the early hours of Friday morning in towns and villages across the island, dismantled at least four drug cartels and resulted in the seizure of 20  kilos of cocaine, most of it uncut, over 500 marijuana plants, over 65,000 euros in cash and various other items such as weapons,  ammunition, flak jackets and automatic cash counting machines.
And, according to the Guardia Civil, the operation has shown that the traditional “drug market” of the Son Banya shanty town is no longer the focal point of the island’s drugs industry.
Guardia Civil sources said that it is clear that the clans in Son Banya no longer control the narcotics trade in Majorca.
It is  now in the hands of Moroccan dealers, according to the security services, and they prefer to operate out of rural towns such as Sa Pobla while the traditional Son Banya clans have another turf war to fight more closer to home in Palma.