The Council of Majorca yesterday unveiled a new line of credit worth some 800,000 euros to help protect the Tramuntana.The package of financial aid is aimed primarily at helping the recuperation and preservation of agricultural land and elements of the Serra de Tramuntana’s natural heritage.
The line of credits is open to local councils in the region and farmers who wish to invest in projects to either recuperate  abandoned  plots, improve existing agricultural land or revive traditional sources of water and irrigation systems.
This is the second consecutive year that the Council of Majorca has approved a line of credit to help the maintenance  of the Serra de Tramuntana and  encourage the recuperation of the local economy, which, apart from tourism, hinges very much on agriculture.
The Council of  Majorca underlined yesterday that UNESCOdeclared the area a natural heritage site because of its landscape and that is what the Council of Majorca wants to protect and preserve.
This year, a total of 19 councils come under the umbrella of the Serra de Tramuntana and all are entitled to apply for a slice of cash credits.