By Humphery Carter

Winter may be drawing to a close but the campaign for more winter flights from the UK to Palma, especially from Scotland, which has no direct flights during the low season, continues and may have received a major break.

Palma.—Campaigners in Scotland, especially those who are lobbying their local politicians for better winter flight connections, have told the Bulletin that they are fighting on two fronts.
The first is to encourage the Scottish government, which bought Glasgow Prestwick Airport in 2013 for just one pound amidst fears it could close, to do more with the airport and, in order to  increase activity and revenue at the state owned airport, to offer  incentives  to airlines to operate direct winter flights out of Prestwick to destinations like Majorca.

Private sector
A public spending watchdog report said plans to sell the airport back to the private sector are viable but it could take “some years” to be achieved.
Ministers have so far committed to provide £25.2 million in loan funding to the airport.
Audit Scotland said it could take almost a decade before Prestwick would be able to start repaying the money and some believe transforming it into a winter flight hub for Scotland could be the answer.