Domestic market aside, the British market is dominating Easter holiday bookings in Spain, according to the latest market report from TripAdvisor.
Spain is also proving  popular with the Italians, French, Americans, Swiss and the Germans.
However, while the British may be flocking to Spain for Easter, the Spanish are heading  to the United Kingdom in their droves.
The domestic market has recovered significantly over the past year and appears to have shrugged off the effects of the recession.
This year, the number of Spaniards taking an Easter break is six per cent higher than last year and 23 percent of those going away intend to spend more.
57 percent are planning a domestic break compared to 51  percent last year, with the Balearics being one of the most popular destinations,  while 31 percent  are planning on heading overseas and have booked much earlier than usual this year.