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Tomorrow, Spain will witness the most spectacular eclipse in ten  years and the Majorcan Observatory in Costitx will be opening its doors for free from 9a.m to 11.30a.m. so people can get a proper view of the eclipse.
Es Baluard Museum in Palma is also holding a special viewing during the same period.
Tomorrow morning Europe will be plunged into dimness during the most complete solar eclipse in 10 years, when the moon passes in front of the sun.
Spain last witnessed a solar eclipse in 2005.
In 1999 Europe witnessed the last total eclipse of the millennium.
The eclipse can be seen in Spain between 8.57a.m. and 11.29a.m.
In Madrid, the eclipse will start at 9.04a.m and last until 11.18a.m. According to Spain’s National Astronomical Observatory (OAN), the moment of maximum eclipse will happen at 10.08a.m.
 In Barcelona, the eclipse will begin at 9.11a.m and last until 11.27a.m.
While the eclipse will be visible across the entire country, the intensity will differ depending on where in Spain you are.