Heatwaves in the Balearics will be more intense because of climate change. Balearic weather will get hotter and there will be less rain.Research in the Balearics concerning the climate is currently focused on determining what will be the impact of climate change on various aspects of tourism - not just sun and beach, Majorca’s principal form of tourism - but also nautical, cultural, cycling and others. Sergio Alonso, Professor of Meteorology at the Balearic University, explained yesterday that this research is concerned in particular with health aspects, the consequence of heatwaves.
At a conference in Palma to coincide with World Meteorology Day, attended by Teresa Palmer, the central government delegate to the Balearics, and Maria Jose Guerrero, the head of  the AEMET national meteorological office in the Balearics,  Alonso stressed the importance of research in order to discover measures to offset the effects of climate change, which will manifest themselves through ever more intense heatwaves.