Hotels in the Balearics are getting ready for what could be a very busy Easter week.
As of yesterday, hotel bookings in the region show occupation rates are set to be 20 percent higher than last year during the same period.
The confirmation was given yesterday by the Balearic Hotel and Tourism Apartments Confederation president Juan Molas, during the official presentation of the latest studies made by the Spanish Hotel industry Observatory.
“The predictions for Easter are looking promising, which is a massive boost for local hoteliers, given that winter was particularly complicated and cold,” Molas said.
“The Easter bank holiday is by no means ‘high season’ but it’s crucial for several hotel owners.
“We can also say that after observing the booking for  May and June, those two months are also looking promising right now.”
The news have left the Federation satisfied, with a senior official praising the fact the Balearics “will be this year alongside the Canary Islands the main driving force behind the local economy.”