The Guardia Civil will today be mounting the first major crackdown of 2015  on people driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs while also increasing the number of speed traps. This Easter,  Guardia Civil  traffic patrols are going to significantly  more evident than usual as the force mounts  its annual operation to increase road safety over the Easter holidays. The crackdown will begin today and will be carried out in two phases.
The first will start today and the second will begin on Wednesday and continue until 6 April.
Areas of particular attention with the entrance and access roads to Palma, roads leading to the most popular coastal resorts and second home developments.
Spot check points are going to be thrown up across the region to test drivers for alcohol and drugs while extra speed traps are going to be used.
For the first time ever, Guardia Civil helicopters  are going to be using new Pegasus radar  which can detect traffic infractions from an altitude of  300  metres, so drivers beware, the Guardia Civil  will be watching from the sky as well.