Drivers being tested for drugs and alcohol over the weekend.


The number of drivers in the Balearics who tested positive for drink or drugs in 2014 was above the national average.The report from the Traffic Department  in the Balearics, also revealed  a rise of over 400 compared with 2013.
As worrying as this rise is that to do with speeding.
In 2013 the number of drivers who were caught by speed controls was 26,296.
This increased to 45,390 in 2014, though the rise can be partly explained by a notable increase in the number of controls, especially on secondary main roads.
Trafico’s delegate in the Balearics, Maria Teresa Sau, advised that conclusions shouldn’t be leapt to but she accepted that the number of positive tests was significant.
 Sau suggested that the level of infractions is linked to Balearics’ insularity.
631,315 driving licences of all types have been issued in the Balearics for a population that is not much higher than one million; there are also people driving who do not have a licence.
 She added that Trafico was not interested in issuing ever more sanctions, and even less in what revenues fines might bring in. The priority lies with ensuring that drivers respect the rules of the road.