Do not miss out tonight’s spectacle. | Ultima Hora


Look up to the night skies as this year’s Perseid meteor shower promises to be quite a show.

The shower has been active since 13 July and will continue until the end of August. But activity will peak tonight, the day before a new moon, meaning the skies will be darker than usual and the shooting stars more visible.

“A very dark place, a cloudless sky and a little patience is all you need for good stargazing,” writes the director of Spain’s National Astronomical Observatory Rafael Bachiller, who predicts you could see up to one hundred shooting stars in an hour.

Stay up late or even rise early as some of the best showings occur just before dawn.

The meteor shower is visible across the northern hemisphere but will be especially good in southern Europe. Find a place as far away from light pollution as possible so head to wide open spaces away from the city. Mountains and beaches are perfect.
Then face northeast and enjoy the show.