Francina Armengol with representatives of health and immigrant associations at the time of the announcement of the return of the health card. | Teresa Ayuga


The president of the Balearics, Francina Armengol, has said that she is proud to have been able to return the health card to illegal Immigrants and that, in so doing, the regional government is working within the framework of the Statute of Autonomy in order to once more make the public Health service a universal and free right.

Armengol has described as cruel the measure adopted by the national government when it excluded immigrants from the right to certain basic health services and has also referred to European Union criticism of the move: it was contrary to the European Social Charter.

She says that the national government should stop trying to undermine regional management and instead look to improve support to regional authorities in order that they can guarantee basic services, such as health and education, to everyone.