Anxiety over some fiesta fireworks' displays because of conditions. | Javier Coll


The Balearic directorate-general for natural areas and biodiversity has given the go-ahead to fireworks displays in Capdepera and Alcalfar (Sant Lluís, Minorca), following an initial rejection of permission by the regional government.

The fireworks in Minorca on Saturday and in Capdepera on Tuesday are part of annual fiestas, but authorisation was at first withheld on account of a general high alert regarding possible forest fires and a ban on fireworks near to forest areas. Conditions, as a result of recent rain, have changed though and so permission has been granted so long as special control measures are in place. The 112 emergency service has to be notified beforehand, while weather conditions at the time play a part. If wind speed exceeds ten kilometres per hour, then the displays are suspended. Fire crews, local police and Civil Protection units all have to be on stand-by.

The directorate-general has advised the organisers of both events - the residents' association in Alcalfar and the town hall in Capdepera - to look for alternative locations from next year, as the current ones are deemed inappropriate.