The Balearic government are planning to introduce a tourist tax which all holidaymakers will have to pay. The money will be spent on improving local tourist resorts. Are you prepared to pay it?


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bernie birch / Hace over 6 years

A very backword step to make and by the comments made from the readers I a very negative one , RAISE money ,charge tax on all these empty properties sitting idle ,waiting for propertis prices to increase before they leased or sold, Plus they are mostly an eyesore in all areas


Steve Pickering / Hace over 6 years

It was tried in the past, and didnt work. How many, like myself, were put off after the first visit. We had paid for a holiday. Arrived at hotel, only to be hit with the eco tax. Following 2 years we went to Portugal. This is what will happen again. People will ditch Mallorca for the Algarve.


JOHN GAUGHAN / Hace over 6 years

There are many other countries to visit so do not get greedy Majorca.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

I pay enough in tax in my own country,if Majorca and Spain wants to improve it's infrastructure,then do it from taxes raised in Spain,not by fleecing tourists the minute they land.


Eric Iddon / Hace over 6 years

It will put people off coming to Mallorca, You have the most expensive hotels now without the tax, And the idea of making people pay at the Airport, Have the government officials never been to Palma Airport when it is Holiday season, I think you would be better encouraging not discouraging people.