The regional ministry of the environment and agriculture has demanded that the town hall in Fornalutx send the ministry a “complete report” which shows that the bull-run (in which the bull is held by ropes to its horns) meets current legislation. The letter arrived at the town hall less than 48 hours before the event which takes place today (Friday).

The ministry is wanting assurance that all necessary permissions are granted, including those of the government, and it sent the letter as the result of a complaint by the Animalista association, which was registered on 21 August. This complaint notes that the event may be breaking the regional law of 1992 on the protection of animals in the human environment.

The town hall was surprised to receive the letter. The mayor, Toni Aguiló, described as “incomprehensible” the requirement assuring that the bull-run is a secular tradition in the municipality.

He said that “in any case, specific authorisations that are demanded each year, months before the event, are processed, approved and received, so it is illogical that that we are asked to demonstrate legality of an event from the same administration that has already authorised it as being perfectly legal”.

The mayor was even more surprised that the ministry has asked who is the promoter of the fiesta and finances the bull-run as such, when it forms part of the official fiestas and so obviously it has always been a responsibility of the town hall.