The heavy rains on Friday brought the grape Harvest to a temporary stop and have raised the need for vigilance to ensure that dampness does not bring about the dreaded botrytis fungus. Growers are optimistic, however, that wind which picked up as a result of the storm will have helped to dry the vines.

The president of the Binissalem DO (Designation of Origin), José Luis Roses, says that the rainfall was unusual, though the previous two weeks had been positive for the Grapes. He noted that although the rains which hit parts of the DO region - Binissalem, Santa Maria, Consell - were heavy, they weren’t as bad as what Palma had to contend with.

Between 25 and 30% of the harvest has already been picked, and the forecasts point to a 20% increase in production this summer. The grapes, says Roses, are of high quality.