Fighting the mosquito across Majorca. | ULTIMA HORA


The town hall in Palma is once more stressing the importance of public involvement in the fight against the tiger mosquito, it being feared that by late September there will be something of a “plague.”

Antònia Martín, the councillor for health, says that larvicides are being used and has outlined a public awareness campaign that is being conducted.

Since February, the town hall has been in the process of introducing biocides to 25,000 sewers. By the end of August, 15,000 of these had been treated. However, in 80% of cases the tiger mosquito is to be found in private areas, such as homes. Consequently, there is the need for the public to be heavily involved.

The advice being given, as it has been previously, is to ensure that any form of container for water is emptied. The director-general for health at the town hall, Maria Antònia Comas, says that these include dishes for planters, vases and paddling pools.