This summer has been best season in a decade, according to industry bosses. | DAVID ARQUIMBAU


The number of British tourists coming to Spain this summer was 11 per cent up on last year, outstripping growth in all other markets.

According to Exceltur, the alliance for tourism excellence, which has been continuing its analysis of the tourist season, this has been the best summer for the past decade, and it says that the main driving force behind the significant growth in the industry has been the sharp increases in the number of British holidaymakers and a significant rise in activity in the domestic market.

The vice-president of Exceltur, Jose Luis Zoreda, said that between July and September, the industry as a whole witnessed an increase in business. He said that the results of the third quarter survey of members revealed that 74.9 per cent of the industry has posted an increase in trade of an average of 71 per cent this year and that, according to Zoreda, will mean at least 3.6 per cent year-on-year growth come the end of 2015.

But this was the final meeting of Exceltur before Spain goes to the polls on 20 December, and Zoreda wanted to use these latest figures to warn all of the parties battling to win the general election that, in order for the tourist industry to continue growing, political stability is going to be required after the election.