Eight years ago tomorrow (9 October), British RAF sergeant Jacqueline Tennant went missing while hiking in Majorca. And eight years on, her family, in particular her sister Monique, are still waiting for news.

In August, the remains of what the authorities “believe” were those of Jacqueline, who had been working as a holiday representative in Can Piacfort, were discovered by a hiker in an area of difficult access off the road from Pollensa to Lluc and were then recovered by a Guardia Civil mountain rescue team, which was guided to the location by the hiker.

The remains were then taken for forensic examination and an autopsy in Palma but, as yet, this has not been completed, and Monique said yesterday that she is still waiting for news from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which, along with the British Consulate in Palma, has been extremely helpful.

“All I have been told is that they ‘believe’ the remains to be that of my sister - that’s not enough for me and my family to move on with -  we need 100 per cent confirmation and, until we get that, there is still hope,” Monique said. “Over the past eight years I have invested so much of my money in the search for my sister and have travelled to Majorca to keep the hunt in the public eye. I’m not just going to give it all up just like, just because people may think it’s my sister,” she added.

“I agree, things do point towards the remains found being those of Jacqueline. But she still has family, nieces and nephews who are reading and being informed of things which none of us have been officially told by the Guardia Civil nor the Foreign Office. There were reports that documents were found near the body which identified it as that of Jacqueline but I have her passport,  driving licence etc., so leaked media reports don’t add up. I want to hear it from the authorities.”