Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. | Sergio Barrenechea


One in four people in the Balearics are in favour of a reduction in Balearic self-government and a recentralisation of powers to the state and to a strong central government. This is one of the findings from a survey by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS), which specifically establishes that a sixth of those questioned support a strong state without regional administrations, while almost 10% want cuts to regional powers.

The survey was conducted in June in the aftermath of the regional election. Compared with findings of a survey in March, prior to the election, the latest ones reveal increased support for centralised government: in March, the one in four (26.4% to be exact) was 19%. The latest survey does also, and by contrast, indicate a slight increase in supportof independence - from 6.7% to 8.1%.

This wave of centralisation sentiment is also reflected in responses to questions regarding identity. 22.3% said they felt Spanish only. Three years ago when these questions were asked, the finding was 6%. Moreover, a 26% who had felt more Balearic than Spanish has been halved.

A further line of questioning concerned voting. With the election having taken place the month before, 76.2% of those surveyed said that they would vote the same way as they had in May. Only 2.7% said that they would vote for a different party.