It was certainly a night of fun and back to the good ole days of the Wild West a few weeks back as over 80 guests made their way to the Otto Rosso Pizzeria Restaurant in Calvia on 19 September to support the Fundacion JoyRon (JoyRon Foundation).

What a great evening with nearly 1000 euros being raised for the “Children in Need in the Balearics”. Many attending the fun packed event took time out to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls, and the evening started off well as many took to the floor with the line dancers which added to the fun of the evening. It was a big thanks to Miguel Sastre who kindly arranged for some of his line dancers to show all how to do some of the line dances. It is more difficult than it looks and the tuition was certainly welcomed along the way. With great songs from Leapy Lee and Sharon Cooper (Sharry C) throughout the evening and with good food, the night flew past as all sang many Western cowboy songs known to us all.

Ronald Hawes, organiser and president of the recently formed JoyRon Fundacion, said that although the evening was to raise funds it was also to raise spirits and to have fun. All certainly did enjoy this unique event and it provided the foundation with the opportunity to present and market itself to the general public. New friends were made and many expressed their desire to support the foundation with some new and exciting ideas for the future and a willingness to assist in future events. Some even wanted to stage their own events for the benefit of the foundation: so a great night for all.

The evening came to an end far tos soon, and thanks also went out to Calvia Council for their support and to the management of the Otto Rosso Restaurant for providing the venue. Look out for more events by the foundation and do check out the website at and also on Facebook.