Work on the cabling in Puerto Alcudia prior to its suspension in March.


The El Pi party is to ask the government how it intends to change the route of the high-voltage underground cabling in Puerto Alcudia. The party's number two and parliament member, Josep Melia, wants to know if there is an alternative and if it has been budgeted for.

Work of the project for the cabling, that was originally approved in 2008, has been suspended for several months, following protests by parents and other residents who were concerned about its proximity to the Norai primary school and public health centre. Their concerns centred on potential health risks from electromagnetic radiation.

The suspension was initially approved by the previous town hall administration and then lengthened by the new mayor, Toni Mir, until 1 November. Those objecting to its route through the port say that it should follow an alternative that bypasses the centre of Puerto Alcudia. As the period of suspension is almost up, parents have been pressing to have a meeting with President Armengol to discuss the issue. Mayor Mir told The Bulletin recently that decisions now rested with the government and their negotiations with Red Electrica, the national company that is responsible for electricity supply infrastructure.

In addition to El Pi's questions, it is being suggested that PSOE may present a motion to parliament to establish a firm agreement between the government and Red Electrica regarding the alternative route.