10-07-2015Teresa Ayuga

Making an issue over terraces along the Borne was probably not the best idea by the city council and now it is going to hold a referendum.

The councillor for public works and the interior, Aurora Jhardi, who opened this can of worms in the first place, announced yesterday that a “non-binding public consultation,” a referendum, is going to be held involving local residents, business people, traders and restaurant and bar owners in the area about what to do with the terraces which have served to have brought the Borne to life since their introduction.

Jhardi explained that the consultation will involve one simple question, which she and her department have yet to agree on, regarding the different options available and that local residents who hold a citizen card will be able to take part online.
Jhardi said that the comments and result will be responded to fairly and she hopes to have the result by the end of the year.

The representative for bar and restaurant owners along the Borne, Joan Miguel Ferrer, who has been highly critical of the council’s determination to tinker with the Borne, admitted that he will have to accept the result “considering everything the council has come up with so far has been unsatisfactory. The council is playing an all-or-nothing game. On the one hand the council could lose but on the other so could we, and we could end up with no terraces along the Borne at all,” he warned.

President of the Residents Associations of Palma, Joan Forteza, said that a political solution made by the council would have been better, “but we accept the referendum and let’s hope it’s democratic and transparent.”

It could also be a good cop-out for the council which has been heavily criticised by residents and business. It gets them off the hook if they lose as it would be an example of democracy at work.


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Molt de Renou / Hace over 5 years

Palmadave, I have said numerous times that the residents of Palma, as well as the residents of the rest of Mallorca, as well as our visitors want to be able to sit and enjoy a drink and watch the world go by. And please don't forget that the tables and chairs are there because permission was given by the Palma town hall !


palmadave22 / Hace over 5 years

Well done Palma Council. As I have said numerous times Borne belong to the residents of Palma and they alone should decide on its future, not a few self interested businesses.