Biel Barceló, the vice-president and minister for tourism, said in parliament today that the sustainable tourism tax (which is how the tourist tax is now officially referred to) will have a “purpose-oriented character” but that “until 2017, when it will have been in place for a whole year, it will not be known what it will be allocated to.”

He added that at present “neither is it approved and nor has the Commission for Sustainable Tourism been created.” This is the body which will decide how the revenue is to be spent.

Barceló was responding to a question from Josep Meliá of El Pi, who criticised the fact that the 2016 budget does not indicate how revenue from the tax will be allocated. Meliá added that despite the government saying that it is seeking “consensus” and will meet for discussions, “it is maintaining an uncompromising stance” with the various sectors that are affected by the tax. Barceló responded that there is still time for public consultation and for the whole parliamentary process for the adoption of regulation. “We can’t move on things that are impossible, because the law hasn’t yet been approved.”