The Balearics Emergency Services - SEIB 112 - registered a total of 47 incidents and took 890 calls between 8pm on Christmas Eve and 8am on Christmas Day. Forty-one of these were in Majorca, five in Ibiza and one in Minorca.

Most of these in Majorca were related to acts of aggression or road accidents without injuries - nine in each instance - with, among others, there having also been seven cases of disturbances by neighbours, alcohol intoxication and road accidents with injuries (six), domestic quarrels and street brawls (five).

In Ibiza there were two assaults, two fights in the street and on road accident that did not result in injury. The incident in Minorca was to do with drunkenness.

The most signficant emergency was in Majorca at seven this morning: a knife attack which resulted in a serious injury. This occurred in the Avenida Joan Miró by the Plaça Gomila, and when the emergency services arrived, the victim was suffering cardiac arrest, but paramedics were able to stabilise him and take him, in a critical condition, to Son Espases.

Of the 890 calls that were taken, most of them - 177 - were between 9pm and 10pm, while in other hourly time slots there were no more than one hundred.